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Series of Pictures of How the House/Site Looks During Construction


Chris in Living Room looking at Mort's Drawings
Winter of 2005.







Site Before Vegetation Removal Spring 2005
There were perk holes all over the property like the one in the fore ground.







This is the view of the site on July 16, 2005







Ready to form the foundation August 8, 2005








Ready to Pour the foundation August 13, 2005.








This is the view of the site on August 17, 2005
Concrete has been poured ... there is no turning back.








Forming up the Stem Wall and Ready to pour concrete ... August 24,2005.








The site on September 1 ... the stem wall has been poured, and the plumbing is being roughed in. The nicely compacted soils have been ripped up again to put the sewer lines down the middle of the house.







September 9, the garage floor and entrance have been dug out and pea gravel is being laid in preparation for pouring our concrete slab floor.







September 13, visquene plastic and insulation to R-15 is put down over the pea gravel.  The layering of pea gravel, visquene and insulation will hopefully keep the slab dry for the life of the home.







September 17, the insulation has been completed and the tubing for the radiant floor has been completed.  We are ready for a floor.







September 21, 4 inches of concrete has been poured over the insulation and radiant tubing.  It will take nearly a week to properly cure and it is important to keep the concrete wet.







October 8: We have Walls ... YEA !!!








October 10: And More Walls.















October 14: And even more Walls.








October 25: And still more walls.








November 6: The beginnings of a Roof.








November 16: It's beginning to look like a house.








November 19: A Roof !!!








Snow ... It never snows in Olympia ... but we lost a week. View on December 4







The snow has melted and we continue on December 8, having lost a couple of days.








Shingling on December 10 ... We are Getting Close to enclosing the House.








View December 23 ... internal framing continues, but we lost a good week to 10 days over the holidays.








View January 4, back with a full team ... but it is raining like crazy.  This is in the middle of 35 straight days of rain ... around 18 inches in total.








January 17 ... the house is finally wrapped all the windows are in and siding work has started.  Now the wair to dry out the structure.   








February 9 ... siding is mostly done, and the .Cistern in now in place for rain water collection.







February 17 ... we have power with the solar system tied into the grid.  The heat pump is running and insulation has been blown into the walls.

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