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Find an Architect

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Interior Design & the Final  

      Look of Zelonedom

The Foundation

The Floor Slab

Drywall & Paint


Fresh, Healthy Indoor Air


Heating System -- Radiant
Energy Use: It's More than

     Heating Our Home

Electricity and Appliances


Framing-Walls & Wood

Framing - The Roof

Greenhouse for Heat &

      Food Production

Insulation ... Make it Tight

Initial Landscape Work

Initial Site Work

Landscaping During

Paint & Drywall

Pervious Concrete Driveway


Recycling Construction
Waste ...Zero Waste

Septic Systems ... Nothing
Very Green Here

Solar Electric System

Solar Water Feature

Water Proofing the Walls
Mold Discussion

Plumbing & Saving Water


Series of Pictures of How the House/Site Looks During Construction


This view is from the Southwest,
Mount Rainier in its Glory.














This is the vie w from the south.











The east side of the house. 

The windows all look out on Mount Rainier.








Nice photo of the berm,

solar electric system. and pergola.







Front door entry at night











Entry way/foyer










The rainbow of colors in our
Great Room ceiling












This is a shot of the great room.











This is a shot of the  kitchen area.





Another picture of the  kitchen area.






The dining room with a view of the North Garden mixes a modern look with our antique furniture.




  Master Bedroom and view to the bathroom. 







Master Bathroom with
Frank Lloyd Wright windows.





Shower stall with recycled
glass tiles and steam unit






A View down the hall with
windows onto the greenhouse.




This is the reading room/ meditation room ...
we do need some furniture to finish this out.





Trex plastic lumber used for a
small deck off the
laundry room and garage.







That funny looking structure is
a pergola which will be covered by 
wisteria in the near future.



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