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One of the fundamental principles of green construction is durability.  We had hoped to use EuroSlate with a life of the home durability, but the curved roof precluded this.  EuroSlate tiles are made from 90% recycled tires, and are really not that expensive for most homes.

Thus, we had to settle for 50 year composition shingles.  It is amazing to me that people will put on 20-30 year shingles and then take out a 30 year mortgage on the home.  This is a prime example of planned obsolescence!  In addition, the solar electric panels on the roof will last well over 50 years, so re-roofing is problematic.

Ideally, we would have used SIP panels for the roof as well as the side walls, but as with other aspects of the construction this was not practical or economical because of the curved design of the home.

Finally, along the top of the roof, the roofers used a product called Trimline.  This product is a continuous plastic opening with a fibrous under side that allows air to exit the roof ridge at any point along the ridge.   Shingles can be nailed over it hide the vent. Trimline does not require yet another penetration of the roof like most roof vents, and looks great. 

The Trimline product is folded over a 6 inch gap in the roof decking at the ridge, and provides a continuous 1" vent running the length of the roof. Builder Magazine had an article on Trimline which stated ... "Trimline Ridge Vents provide superior roof ventilation by creating a balanced system that continuously releases hot, moist attic air while drawing fresh air through soffit vents. A balanced, continuous ventilation system increases a home's total energy-efficiency while extending the life expectancy of its roof material--a great selling point to your customers."  This is a really nice product, click here for more information.

As with the side walls, the roof spans a long distance than 16", in fact it spans as much as 4 feet over the great room.  Polar Bear uses clips to lock the roof decking in place and additional structural ties to secure the trusses to the side wall.  It would not be a desirable outcome for out roof to start shaking and shifting with the next big wind storm or minor earthquake.





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