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Find an Architect

Find a Green Builder

Find a Landscape

Interior Design & the Final  

      Look of Zelonedom

The Foundation

The Floor Slab

Drywall & Paint


Fresh, Healthy Indoor Air


Heating System -- Radiant
Energy Use: It's More than

     Heating Our Home

Electricity and Appliances


Framing-Walls & Wood

Framing - The Roof

Greenhouse for Heat &

      Food Production

Insulation ... Make it Tight

Initial Landscape Work

Initial Site Work

Landscaping During

Paint & Drywall

Pervious Concrete Driveway


Recycling Construction
Waste ...Zero Waste

Septic Systems ... Nothing
Very Green Here

Solar Electric System

Solar Water Feature

Water Proofing the Walls
Mold Discussion

Plumbing & Saving Water


Series of Pictures of How the House/Site Looks During Construction


Tools and information to help you through the Green Building process.  Master Builders' BuiltGreen, EnergyStar, and LEED checklists allow you to decide just how green you want to be or can afford. They also provide certification of your Green Home which should enhance the resale value of your home. 

If two houses are the same price, built at the same time, which would you buy, a BuiltGreen - 3Star or EnergyStar home or one without certification.  It makes a difference in your monthly utility bills and should help you qualify for a larger mortgage.

Built Green program of the Master Builders Assn. King and Snohomish Counties Probably the most advanced green building program in Washington State, and one on which all others are based.

Olympia Master Builders BuiltGreen Program - Certify Your Home as Green -

bullet BuiltGreen Checklist (A great downloadable Excel SpreadSheet on Elements of  a green home)
bullet BuiltGreen Checklist for Our House
bulletSuppliers for Various Checklist Items - In Olympia, Washington

US Green Building Council -

bullet Leed Checklist for new commercial construction, major remodeling, and homes

Energy & Environmental Building Association:

EnergyStar: Great site for EnergyStar products, technologies, and EnergyStar homes - Certify Your Home as an Energy Star home

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Renewable Energy and Energy Conservations ... AND More

TOOLBASE: Database/Guide for building technologies from the Nat'l Assn. of Home Builders Research Center ... Also links to PATH (Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing) a public/private partnership on building technologies.




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