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Find an Architect

Find a Green Builder

Find a Landscape

Interior Design & the Final  

      Look of Zelonedom

The Foundation

The Floor Slab

Drywall & Paint


Fresh, Healthy Indoor Air


Heating System -- Radiant
Energy Use: It's More than

     Heating Our Home

Electricity and Appliances


Framing-Walls & Wood

Framing - The Roof

Greenhouse for Heat &

      Food Production

Insulation ... Make it Tight

Initial Landscape Work

Initial Site Work

Landscaping During

Paint & Drywall

Pervious Concrete Driveway


Recycling Construction
Waste ...Zero Waste

Septic Systems ... Nothing
Very Green Here

Solar Electric System

Solar Water Feature

Water Proofing the Walls
Mold Discussion

Plumbing & Saving Water


Series of Pictures of How the House/Site Looks During Construction


Dept. of Energy: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

California Recycled-Content Product Directory - Check out products with Recycled Content

Consumer Report .. Green Choices .. Products for a Better Planet (Searchable Database & Product Tips)

GreenGuard: Environmental Institute - Resource for healthy indoor environment

GreenSeal: Independent Testing Organization for Environmentally Friendly Products

EnergyStar: Download data on the Energy Efficiency of Products

Green for Good: Environmentally Friendly Products for the Home

Americans for an Energy Efficient Economy: The most efficient appliances !!!

The Green Guide: Website on environmentally friendly alternatives for building and and articles on putting it all together ...

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